Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here we go

so this blog is meant to be an informal (as is evident by the uncapitalized and unnecessary "so" to begin the post) and completely honest (unless deemed inappropriate according to my discretion) blog concerning my experiences while teaching and traveling in china (notice i didn't capitalize the "c" in china (nor the i in "i") to further demonstrate the informality of this blog). It is intended to be a way for me to document my experiences and share them with my friends and family at home (and hopefully thousands of strangers so I can begin making money off this site). Anyone who knows me knows that I love food over almost anything else in this world; I expect (and hope), therefore, that a large part of this blog will be dedicated to [real] Chinese food. I will do my best to step out of my comfort zone and sample even the most exotic fare (mainly to attract more viewers so I can make money off this site). It is also my intention to document social and cultural tensions and conflicts that I encounter while in China (though this does not interest me, I have to throw some bone to those who are not as mentally stimulated by food as I am (mom)). I would like consistently update this blog although I realize that may not always happen (due to unpredictable factors, such as life). I hope I will be able to inform, entertain and otherwise dazzle you, my readers (so that you tell your friends and acquaintances about this blog so I can start making money off of it). I would like to thank you all for you support.
---"the Author (i don't think i'm supposed to give my real name, so you all can just call me "the Author")"