Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Following the Li River tour, we started another tour of a small village on another river. It was interesting to be in such a small village, it was really the first time I had been anywhere other than a multi-million person town. According to our tour guide a relatively recent law sought to establish a government subsidized medical clinic and a Communist Party HQ in every village. In this town one was right on top of the other.

We also looked at a traditional doorway in the village, our guide (looking like the goofball he was) explained that the red around the door and the mirror at the top were meant to keep evil spirits away (which I guess come around more during spring festival time). There is also a wooden plank that you have to step over when walking through the doorway which also blocks the spirits (they can’t step over stuff for some reason). Also, during spring festival, the Chinese people scare away the spirits with fireworks.

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